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A bed that has a cloth canopy suspended above is called a canopy bed. It can also be called a four-poster bed. If you have romantic, exotic, traditional, or contemporary tastes, this type of bed might be for you. Traditionally speaking, the canopy above the bed helped with controlling the temperature. In historical eras, the thick drapes that made the canopy did not allow the cold area to enter the bed area.

The canopy bed, also known as the four poster bed, is a bed which is covered with a hanging cloth canopy. Usually, there are four posts, which can be carved or plain, that support the canopy frame. This is where it gets the name four poster bed.

Types of canopy beds

There are 2 basic types of canopy beds – the traditional one and the contemporary one. The traditional type of canopy bed has a more Victorian aesthetic, while the contemporary one has more subtleness and delicacy. There is also an alternative style where a smaller canopy is used to cover only the top of the bed.

Frames: The traditional type of canopy bed is usually sustained by either metal rod frames either carved wood ones that have romantic designs. The modern type of canopy bed can also use these types of frames or a combination, but using geometric and sharp designs.

Fabric: For the traditional type of canopy bed, a heavy and embroidered canopy is used, while the modern one uses a lighter and softer fabric like cotton, polyester or silk.

Classic Sheer Curtains

The canopy bed can have a more exotic look with classic sheer curtains or these can simply align better in a traditionally decorated room. These types of curtains do not need embellishment, but you can use a ribbon to hold them back and to add some color.

Upholstery Fabric

Bed canopies from modern homes can use heavy upholstery materials, but they are not used for temperature control. They are more for giving the space a more formal or romantic look. For a more historic and traditional decoration you can use these drapes with posters made of antique wood. The most suitable fabrics are tartans and rich tweeds.

Modern solids and prints

Canopy beds can also have modern styles. A modern four poster bed is usually made of black paint, whitewashed stain or dark wood. You can keep its classical look and only use white and black, or you can add some color, like teal blue or red. If you want a more modern twist, you can also use printed fabrics, for example stripes, polka dots or other types of fabric patterns.

Classic solids and prints

The traditional canopy bed can also be decorated with an elaborate antique or a brass, using different prints and classic solids. A classic bedroom works well with a floral and plain weave that uses pastel colors. This style also includes colors like cream or light brown. When your bed is ready, mattress is next thing you have to think about. has many useful tips for you.